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MI! – The Youth Incubator enables young people to gain knowledge and competencies for active citizenship, with the emphasis on active co-creation of programs in collaboration with the labor market. We will prepare: an analysis of career decisions with the young that were collected in „Life of young people and their employment challenges in the region”;  strategic document in the field of youth: Strategy in the field of youth and youth policy in the region, develop a training program for the youth incubator, strengthen the employment opportunities through practical work. The developed program will be inclusive for the youth, enable personal and professional development and connect youth work with stakeholders in the region for the purpose of their employment. The project aims to include at least 39 young peoplein training activities that will occur over at least 90-hours of training and employ 25 young people (between ages 15 to 29).


Throughout the activities young people will be able to integrate into the society, strengthen their competencies and contribute to the development of the community. During the project they will also take responsibilities, learn to plan, make decisions and strengthen many other civic and social competencies. This project also aims to strengthen the youth environment by enabling various groups of young people to design and make it more diverse, one that resonates with the needs of the young who are becoming the designers of their future. We will connect with other organisations that are actively or indirectly involved with the youth, namely: University of Maribor – Faculty of Tourism, Municipality of Brežice, Brežice Student Association, MKC Maribor to develop training material, well developed exchange practices, opportunities for joint development and the execution of relevant services in the field of youth work and other potential organizations.


  • Including at least 39 young people in at least 90 hours of training;
  • Employment of 65 % of 39 young people or 25 young people (ages 15 to 29) in the youth sector or elsewhere;
  • Analysis of career decisions in the youth context, collected in „Life of young people and their employment challenges in the region”;
  • Document Strategyin the field of youth and youth policy in the region;
  • Training program for the youth incubator.
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